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Waste of time

Not worth the dollar. Missing so much!

Great and it works

I am a survivalist and this could be very useful in the wild or while camping.


Tons of info and very clear drawings. Also easy to navigate. Great app worth the money.

Be Prepared

This app is loaded with great information, a much needed companion, for home and travel.

Survival App

This is a cool app. Easy to use to fun to play with. I have learned a lot playing around with this.

Well done!

Nice layout and east to use. Great port of some very useful information.


Great application and just the right price! I would like to see the other possibilities of creating fire and other shelters. This is a great application!


I have no use for this app because I live in Chicago but for some reason I love to read it. Its very well put together and helpful for people who can use it for real.


Needs a table of contents and search feature...

Get This App Now!

Ive been debating about buying this app for awhile, and I finally did and it is absoultly amazing! There is some information that I can use every day. There is also information that Ill probly never use, like how to build a shelter to protect your self from radiation fallout. All in all this is a great app, easy to use, great information, buy it NOW!!!! Ill be looking for more referance books in the future Double Dog Studios! Buy it!!!!

Great app! Definitely worth $1.

Its am interesting app that gives you tips and facts on things like food, shelter, and other stuff!! Like I said definitely worth .99 cents!

Love it!

This is the perfect app for a Southern Kentucky gal! Full of tons of useful info! Has some extreme survival skills that are very worth knowing, even tho I pray Ill never have to put them to the test! Better to be safe than sorry!! Grab this app up while its still a buck!!

Worth five times the price

This app is a steal at 99cents! Tons of useful info categorized and illustrated for easy access. The table of contents is easy to use and the search feature rocks. I frequently browse this app and it is a great goto source of info for hikers, backpackers and other wilderness junkies like myself.

Great app

I wish this app had a bit more ediable plant info, some more medical knowledge, and more tracking and trapping/ cleaning game info, otherwise great app.


Everyone with a idevice should own this!

Good app

Will update it to 5 stars if they add more firestarting methods. 


Great app has just about everything buy it

Very good, but . . .

Needs more on plants!! And fire!!! but if you are looking to buy it, DO!!!

Good app, suggestions

I would love to see the following included: 1. Guide to Knots-- diagrams of the most common knots used for survival. 2. Morse code info I may have other suggestions later once I go through it more in depth, but for now I think the knots are needed foremost & would make this a definite 5 star app (right now its 4.5!).


Ok info but reccomends poisonous plants to survive on.... Like stinging nettle... Called nettle in app and juniper which usually does more harm than good. Needs to have local plants or based on area map option

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